Camp Geo

Camp Geographe has been in the hands of SUWA for 51 years. 20 years ago, it was staffed for only 10 hours a week; these days we run on 44 staff hours each week, plus up to 50 catering hours when required.

The site was formerly used just for Summer Camps, plus a few family and church groups. It is such a blessing to report that we are now full of SU holiday camps every school holiday period. We have 4-8 school camps run by SU during the summer terms as well as many other ministry groups using the site. Over this past year, we had 116 bookings (representing 2942 people). Of these, 29 were SU programs, 47 non-SU programs, and 40 individual bookings. We love welcoming SU volunteers when we aren’t hosting ministry groups, and they generally enjoy a wonderful rest. We were also able to help out a family in need of accommodation during COVID-19. God uses Camp Geographe to minister to people in unexpected ways.

“Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity while we stayed here… it was such a blessing to our family.”

“We had a wonderful stay. So relaxed and pleasant. The campsite is beautifully maintained and very functional. Thank you so much for your warm hospitality.”

SUWA staff in the SW are enjoying the new energy and teamwork that this regional hub provides. Please be in prayer for Camp Geographe as we look at new ways of managing the facility and making the best use of the staff hours available.

by Dianne Abbott