What God Did!

You might remember Mariah’s story from a recent letter we sent you, about her encounter with Jesus on CHIC camp in April. I caught up with her again at the recent camp reunion, held at an ice rink. SO much FUN! And such a challenge for my over-50 year old body! It was great to connect with her again and ask how she and God were going. Part of her reply was telling – “well, of course it isn’t like camp.”

No, life away from camp isn’t the same as the peak highs of camp, however peak experiences are one of the reasons young people stay connected to a faith community (see, and we trust the work of God’s Holy Spirit and the power of his Word. We are also working hard at SU to find ways for our camp leaders and churches to make connections with young people between camps. It was wonderful to know several of our CHIC leaders were going to try to set up small groups with CHIC campers post-camp. There is a strong young Christian leader development path in CHIC where campers have the chance to come back on the leader team as Junior Leaders once they finish Year 10.

I thought you’d also enjoy more quotes and stories by other CHIC leaders to get the full picture of the vibe on a camp where careful and extensive preparation is integral and which relies on prayer as its foundation.

“Seeing beautiful girls open up as the week goes on, realising they can be strong and rely on Jesus Christ in EVERYTHING.”

“Rowena was so scared of the ocean that she was sobbing but she also wanted to surf sooo much. So, some leaders and the instructor got around her and we got her surfing. You should have seen her face!! Nothing could wipe that smile off her face!”

“Christine is someone who has grown up in the church, in a Christian family who has never practically thought about Jesus actually being REAL and dying for HER. She met with him this week and gave her life to him! Praise Jesus!”

“On Heart Night (last night of camp) seeing how the Holy Spirit was working in each of the girls whether that be laughing, crying, singing and just explaining to the girls what it all meant and that it’s a good thing to be feeling God’s Spirit within.”

“(On camp), I really felt there was a significant shift to (campers) recognising Jesus as a personal Saviour who loves and changes their lives. Actually, knowing Jesus is in fierce pursuit of them is transformational knowledge they began to thrive in.”

“Just seeing the love spread from person to person constantly on camp was insane. What a beautiful community it was.” Friends, can I hear a “Hallelujah”? Amen!

Sally Howe